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Study Highlights:

  • Dixie Bloor is relatively affluent according to the average annual household income.
  • Incomes range from poverty levels to families earning significantly above the national and Peel averages.
  • 16% of residents live at or below the poverty line and reside in low income neighbourhoods.
  • The areas of Glenforest, Applewood, and Lakeview are characterized as vulnerable areas: low education levels, low incomes, high unemployment and high mobility, increased levels of poverty, recent immigration, and overall social risk.
  • The neighbourhoods have great socio-economic, linguistic, and cultural diversity.
  • Dixie Bloor has a large immigrant population; many recent immigrants do not speak either of Canada's official languages.
  • Many of the children in Dixie Bloor are close to moderate to heavy traffic volumes.
  • Parks and green spaces in the neighbourhoods are often located near areas with high numbers of children.
  • A variety of community-based programs and services are available to Dixie Bloor residents with young children.
  • The area's religious organizations provide important linguistic, social, and spiritual support for immigrants new to the country.
  • The network of Mississauga Transit bus routes in the Dixie Bloor neighbourhoods is an important asset.

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