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The neighbourhoods of Dixie Bloor are located in the eastern half of Mississauga's south-east quadrant.

Type of community

  • high-density urban community
  • many families with children
  • mostly residential
  • clusters of retail and industrial spaces
  • Mississauga Transit bus routes are accessible
  • relatively stable neighbourhoods


  • in 1996, 79,369 were people living in the Dixie Bloor neighbourhoods
  • 6,705 were children aged birth to six years
  • great socio-economic diversity
  • higher proportion of people who did not speak either English or French compared to the national average

Physical conditions

  • green spaces, parks, and recreational areas are generally available and in good condition
  • overall, buildings, roads, and sidewalks are in good condition

Programs and services

  • a wide variety of programs and services are available to families and children
  • usually close to children who need them most
  • most are located in areas with a high density of children and high socio-economic risk
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