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Parent Newsletter:


Brochure: Understanding the Early Years—Dixie Bloor Neighbourhoods of Mississauga

  • description of the UEY research project
  • summary of findings from the Early Development Instrument (EDI)
  • Dixie Bloor's challenges and strengths
  • priorities for action in Dixie Bloor
  • next steps for UEY and its partners in Peel
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Report: Community Mapping Study—Dixie Bloor Neighbourhoods, Mississauga, Ontario

  • information about the physical and social environment in the Region of Peel, the City of Mississauga, and the neighbourhoods of Dixie Bloor
  • challenges and assets in the Dixie Bloor neighbourhoods
  • results of the Early Development Instrument (EDI)
  • priority areas for action
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Report: Readiness to Learn—Early Development Instrument, Dixie Bloor Neighbourhoods, Mississauga, Ontario

  • description of the Early Development Instrument (EDI)
  • results of the EDI by community and school
  • implications of the results
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Report: Program Inventory—Dixie Bloor Neighbourhoods, Mississauga, Ontario

  • survey of agencies and programs available to families living in the Dixie Bloor neighbourhoods
  • inventory of education, daycare, parenting, newcomer, language, recreation, and other relevant programs and services located in the community
  • contact information for the programs and services
[ File Size: 4,809 KB ]

Report: Early Childhood Development in the Dixie Bloor Community of Mississauga, Ontario

  • results of the National Longitudinal Study of Children and Youth (NLSCY) and Early Development Instrument (EDI)
  • actions families and communities can take to improve children's outcomes

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