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Early Development Instrument (EDI) Study Highlights

  • Three quarters of the children in Dixie Bloor are ready to make the transition from kindergarten to grade 1.
  • Children scored highest in physical health and well-being, following by language and cognitive development, social competence, and emotional maturity.
  • The Lakeview community had the highest scores on each of the five EDI domains; the Glenforest community had the lowest scores in each domain.
  • Male children designated as ESL and who did not attend a junior kindergarten program were the least ready to make the academic transition from kindergarten to grade 1.
  • Four social policy areas were identified for improving school readiness: provide early identification of and intervention for vulnerable children; provide ESL support for children and families during pre-school and kindergarten; expand junior and senior kindergarten to a universal full-day program; and close the gender gap by better engaging boys in the early years of schooling.

National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth (NLSCY) Study Highlights

  • Children scored well above the national norms on the developmental assessment.
  • The number of children with behaviour problems (indirect aggression, emotional disorder/anxiety, and physical aggression/conduct disorder) matches the national norm.
  • A higher proportion of children were considered hyperactive when compared to the national norm.
  • A high percentage of children in Dixie Bloor scored low on the receptive or hearing vocabulary assessment.
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